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Trust our team of expert tour consultants to plan every detail of your trip.

Kaleidoscope is a full-service student tour operator with more than 28+ years of inspiring student travel and a former educator as CEO. We specialize in surprisingly unique educational, performance, sports, senior class trip, festival, and cruise travel to more than 40+ student-friendly destinations.

We make student safety a priority with a clearly communicated safety plan and trusted partners. Kaleidoscope Adventures is an active member of the Student Youth & Travel Association and licensed, bonded, and insured.

A recent study by the Student Youth Travel Association demonstrated that 54% of teachers organize travel opportunities because it positively impacts academic performance. Travel connects curriculum to reality!

This same study also looked at the social impact of student travel. It showed a 60% increased willingness to know, learn and explore as well as a 56% increase in self-esteem, independence and confidence.

Kids who travel have a strong sense of their place in the world, are more tolerant and respectful of others, are more collaborative, and adapt more readily to new situations.

Trust our team of expert tour consultants to plan every detail of your trip.

What is Included?

Travel and education are synonymous! Exposing students to a world bigger than their own is a fundamental part of shaping young minds. Kaleidoscope Adventures will customize each student trip to meet your educational needs while keeping adventure at the heart of the experience.

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There are countless ways to help offset the cost of student travel.  Everyone has a different situation and comfort level for fundraising, so it’s good to have options.  Here are a few of our favorites!

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Performing Groups

Looking for the performance opportunity of a lifetime? Kaleidoscope Adventures is your quintessential resource for planning the perfect performance trip! More than 25 years specializing in performance travel means access to the best venues and travel partners with impeccable records of success.  From exclusive, one-of-a-kind performances to world-class festivals, Kaleidoscope will plan your travel beyond expectations!

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Educational Groups

We have a wide selection of destinations that are perfect for your educational group. Whether you’re planning a marine biology trip to the Keys or a trip back in time to historical Gettysburg, we’ll help you excite and educate your students.

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KA's Refer a Colleague

Student trips are an important part of education.  Inspiring student travel connects curriculum to reality, practice to performance, and classrooms to careers.

As a seasoned professional, you understand the value of educating beyond classroom walls.  Now you can introduce other educators to travel-based learning AND earn a travel scholarship for your school.

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